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June 28
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Spain X Reader- Do He Got Da Booty? (Quickie)


(f/n)- Friend’s name   

A/N- Like, one cuss word. Oh, and also, this is like really short and quick and something that I just … threw up. No, not literally. XD

Btw, mes beautés means ‘my lovelies’ in French. Get used to it, because that’s what I call you guys~! *tackle hugs everyone* ;w;

    You and (f/n) were sitting next to each other in your class. Antonio, your best friend and crush, sat in the desk directly in front of you, which gave you a great view of his back.

    (F/n) had known about your crush on Toni since the beginning, which a lot of times she/he would always hint it to the very oblivious Spaniard. You found it hard to believe that Toni could seriously be that oblivious. She/he was practically screaming, “(NAME) LOVES YOU!”.

    Anyways, here you were, working quietly on an assignment that your teacher gave you. ‘Hand it in when you were done,’ she said, ‘it’s easier on all us.’ Yeah… Yeah right. Not everyone likes to get out of their chair and show off their butt to everyone. Though, you certainly did enjoy the view of Toni’s butt. Who didn’t? It was just perfect.

    Right, Toni stood up and started to walk up to the front. You and your friend leaned towards each other, watching his bottom.

    “Do he got da booty?” your friend asked, nudging you.

    “He doooo~!” you whispered back. Suddenly, Toni glanced at you over his shoulder with a bright red blush on his face. You turned back to your paper, an equally bright blush on your face. He flashed a pearly white smile at you and turned back to look at the teacher, who was currently looking at his paper. She dismissed him quickly, not even bothering to question why his face was as red as his precious tomatoes. He briskly walked back to his seat and sat down. He scribbled down something on a slip of paper and pretended to yawn and stretch, holding the flimsy paper in one hand. He let it drop out of his hand and flutter down to your desk. You subtly grabbed it and looked at it.

    You think I have a nice ass? was what was written down in neat writing. You wrote down a quick ‘maybe’ on the paper and slid it onto Toni’s shoulder. This was how you always passed notes. Sometimes, he would pretend to stretch and let go of the small slip of paper, or slide it onto his shoulder and pretend to scratch. You, on the other hand, would slide into his shoulder, whereas he would pretend to scratch. The teacher never noticed these subtle acts, but your friend always did, where she/he would giggle silently and wiggle her/his eyebrows.

    Another note fell onto your desk, still from Toni.

    Meet me outside of school today, K?

The rest is up to you, mes beautés!

This... This is... I just don't know, okay? XD Something that I just kind of threw up and BAM! Here it is.
I couldn't resist writing about Spain's perfect ass. //shot
I mean, come on! Lookatit! Plus, he's adorable. ^w^
*le wild giantass cockroach as appeared* *giantass cockrach uses crawl- successfully makes Shadow scream*
*insert high pitched screaming here* *runs around the house with muffled screaming* *tries to find the cockroach spray* SHIT! We don't have any cockraoch spray! *le giantass cockrach (No kidding here, that cockroach was motherfucking HUGE!) crawls towards Shadow (moi at your service if you did not know!)* *starts to hyperventilate* *grabs three shoes* I'M READY FOR WAR BITCH!

Now, if you'll excuse moi, the terrified moi has a war to finish with Mr. Le-Giantass-Cockroach. Care to join moi~?

On the side note, sorry if Spain (although I hardly did write his personality) is a little OOC. I can't say the same about your friend, cuz one, I probably don't know him/her and two, not everyone's the same!
Oh, and that preview picture was so HARD to find. Partly because I had to stop squealing like an idiot because of the overly sexiness of him, there were so MANY pairings of him and I just wanted him alone, and because every time I saw something funny I would stop and read it and then proceed to laugh my arse off. XD

Spain © Hetalia
© :iconadorablespainplz:
Your friend
© herself/himself
Preview pic © original artist. (I found it on Google images. If you know the artist, please tell me and I shall give proper credits and link back to the original picture.)
Story © Yours truly, moi~!

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Also, please point out mistakes kindly. I want to correct my mistakes and such. It helps me a lot, since English isn't my best subject in school.
Also, if you like this, please feel free to request, commission, or read my works!
if you happen to enjoy most of my works, drop me a llama or watch me, please!
It's not much, but I appreciate it greatly.

In the distance as the sun sets- *high pitched screaming* LORD. DEAR. GOD. HELP ME!
I leave that screaming up to your imaginations... //dead because I was already bricked and shot so many times ;w;
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ShadowUmbreon84 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
Does Spain have da booty?

Oh hell yeah he does.
ShadowRealm666 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Writer
ShadowUmbreon84 Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Student Traditional Artist
imapop13 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Lol! My friend and I were talking today and she was talking about a guy and his butt.... Don't ask, but I asked do he got DA booty and she agreed!
ShadowRealm666 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014  Student Writer
Omfg, yes. XD I wish I could find the perfect ass, and just say, "He got dat booty~!" But, I have yet to find it... ;-;
Other than in animes or movies. XD
spiritofterrabithia Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Spain and 2p Germany have da booty.
ShadowRealm666 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Writer
Yes, yes they do. :iconiggybrowsplz:
spiritofterrabithia Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  New member Student General Artist
Spain's booty is love.

Spain's booty is life. 

ShadowRealm666 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Student Writer
spiritofterrabithia Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  New member Student General Artist
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